Rich Cesarini


The music of the Grateful Dead is relatively new to me. While I am still not a “real” Dead-Head I have a new found respect for the material, the songwriting, and for their unique approach to performing music which was so very groundbreaking fifty years ago. The Grateful Dead are an American icon who have withstood the test of time. This is very apparent when we play for such appreciative audiences with members young and old. It has been a real learning experience and so much fun “Playin’ In the Band”.”
~ Rich Cesarini

Rich Cesarini has been a well-known piano/keyboard/accordion player since the late 1980’s. He has played with many bands including the Po’ Boys, Godsends, Big Daddy and the Accelerators and NH favorites Brickyard Blues. Rich has played on many recordings including some that received national and international airplay. In addition to his keyboard duties in Deadbeat, Rich also plays for The Terrifics, a popular acoustic duo based on the south shore of MA. He also plays frequent pickup gigs with other well-known bands in Eastern Mass.

Rich enjoys long walks on the beach, fine dining, gator wrestling and the music of Matt Mulholand.
The views and opinions expressed in this bio are solely those of Rich Cesarini and do not reflect the opinions of DeadBeat or the New England music community at large.

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