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YOUR New England Tribute to the Good 'Ole Grateful Dead !

So let’s get on with the show…


You know the papers told of…

"Who’da thunk that a Grateful Dead cover band could sell out a show at a small pub/music venue, in the dead of winter, with subzero temperatures, and mountains of snow piled up on the edges of the road in a rural town in New Hampshire?"

- livemusicnewsandreview.com

"There was nothing about it that I didn’t like. A lot. What most impressed me is that each player captures that, real as it is indefinable, slice of the vibe and general sensibility of the great players being emulated. I really enjoyed Jack S. There was a looseness and un-polished aspect to the performance that captured really well that ability the Dead had to be musically nonchalant, in a brilliant way. And the strat tone was great throughout and impeccable at times. Well done."

- RiseandFall on Rukind.com

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